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The Deutschland-Ticket is here.

The D-Ticket at a glance

The Deutschland-Ticket, or D-Ticket for short, allows everyone to use all forms of local public transport across the whole of Germany for an incredible 49 euros a month. The D-Ticket gives you unlimited access to bus and rail and represents a giant leap towards the mobility of the future: simple, flexible and climate-friendly.

The Deutschland-Ticket is valid on all means of local public transport across the whole of Germany, including 2nd class on regional trains. The D-Ticket is not valid on long-distance services (e.g. Deutsche Bahn’s IC, EC, ICE) or on privately operated services (e.g. FlixTrain, FlixBus).

Where you can buy your D-Ticket

Do you want to buy a Deutschland-Ticket? Then we have good news for you: Many regional transport companies have set up English-language websites to make it easier for non-German speakers to buy their tickets. This is the case, for example, with the following providers:

Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe (DVB)
Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe (KVB)
Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG)
Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund (RMV)
Verkehrsverbund Bremen/Niedersachsen (VBN)
Verkehrsverbund Warnow (VVW)


Frequently asked questions

What is the D-Ticket?

With the D-Ticket, you can travel on all forms of public transport across the whole of Germany. The D-Ticket makes it easier to use buses and trains everywhere, helps protect the environment, and eases the financial burden on people up and down the country. The D-Ticket is a subscription that can be cancelled monthly.

How much does the D-Ticket cost?

The D-Ticket costs 49 euros per month. Transport companies can also offer the D-Ticket as an annual ticket for a one-off payment of twelve times the monthly price.

Where is the D-Ticket valid and where not?

The Deutschland-Ticket is valid on all means of regional and local public transport across the whole of Germany. Ticketholders have unlimited use of all forms of public transport, from buses and trams to city trains, underground trains, suburban trains, regional trains, regional express trains in 2nd class, and many ferry lines.

The D-Ticket is not valid on long-distance services (e.g. Deutsche Bahn’s IC, EC, ICE, but also RE lines provided by DB Fernverkehr AG) or on privately operated services (e.g. FlixTrain, FlixBus). In addition, the D-Ticket is not valid on primarily tourist or historical means of transportation.

How and where can I buy my D-Ticket?

The Deutschland-Ticket is a personal, digital season ticket subscription that is valid on a monthly basis and can be cancelled on a monthly basis. It costs 49 euros per month. You can buy the D-Ticket via any of Germany’s regional transport companies’ apps and normal ticket sales channels.

In many regions, you can also sign up for the Deutschland-Ticket in a customer service centre. The D-Ticket is available both on your smartphone and as a chip card. While you are waiting for your chip card, you will be given a temporary paper ticket that can be checked digitally. The temporary paper D-Ticket is valid for a maximum of one month. Whatever type of ticket you have, smartphone, chip card or temporary paper ticket, you will need to make sure you have some form of photographic ID card with you when your ticket is checked.

Is the D-Ticket only available as a subscription ticket?

The Deutschland-Ticket is issued on a subscription basis. The ticket is valid for an unlimited period and is automatically renewed if it is not cancelled. Subscriptions begin on the first day of each month. Subscriptions are concluded for an indefinite period and can be cancelled on a monthly basis.

Can I take other people with me?

You cannot take anyone over the age of 6 with you free of charge on the D-Ticket. Children under the age of 6 can still travel with you free of charge. Some conventional subscription tickets have special regulations that let you take people or bicycles with you. These no longer apply when you switch to the D-Ticket.

Is the D-Ticket transferrable?

The D-Ticket is a personalised ticket and cannot be transferred to anyone else. As a personalised ticket, you will be asked to prove you are the ticketholder whenever your ticket is checked. For children and young persons up to and including the age of 15, suitable identification includes such as a child or student ID card. From the age of 16, D-Ticket holders must carry official photo ID with them.

Can I take my dog or bike with me?

The D-Ticket does not allow you to take dogs and bicycles with you free of charge. Carriage regulations are based on the tariffs and conditions of carriage of the respective transport region and may vary depending on the route.

Local upgrades may be available in the form of additional tickets, but these are limited to the respective transport region. Nationwide upgrades are currently under discussion.

Can I travel in 1st class with my D-Ticket?

The D-Ticket is valid in 2nd class carriages. The tariffs of most regional transport associations and public transport companies do allow passengers with a 2nd class ticket to upgrade to 1st class, but each company has its own regulations. Efforts are currently being made to standardise the procedures across the whole of Germany to allow D-Ticket holders to upgrade to 1st class.

What are the rules for children?

Children under the age of 6 years travel free of charge on public transport and do not require a D-Ticket. For children over 6 years, existing tariff regulations continue to apply locally.

How can I cancel my D-Ticket?

You can cancel your Deutschland-Ticket subscription by the 10th of any month to the end of that month. If you want to cancel your D-Ticket, you’ll need to write to the transport company you have your subscription with. In the event of cancellation, the Deutschland-Ticket is valid until the end of business on the last day of the calendar month, but no later than 3:00 a.m. on the following day.

Is the D-Ticket also available as a Job-Ticket?

The D-Ticket is also available as a Job-Ticket – under the same terms and conditions throughout Germany. Employers have to pay a minimum subsidy of 25 percent of the ticket price for the D-Ticket, which is currently 12.25 euros. As long as this requirement is met, you will receive the D-Ticket as a Job-Ticket with an additional 5-percent discount, at a maximum price of 34.30 euros.

Is there a special D-Ticket for students?

Existing semester ticket agreements will remain in force. Students can choose to pay their local transportation company or association the difference between their existing Semester-Ticket and the D-Ticket in order to upgrade to the D-Ticket.

Any such upgrade is entirely up to you. You can choose to keep your Semester-Ticket or switch to the D-Ticket. Not every transport region offers the opportunity to upgrade to the D-Ticket. For more information, please contact your local transportation company or association.

Can I travel outside Germany with my D-Ticket?

If the transport company’s tariff zone extends outside Germany, ticketholders may also travel in those foreign areas.

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